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Thursday, January 03, 2013
During the holidays we did a piece on an organization helping women in India.  Since that time, another woman in India has received a lot of world-wide attention. A young woman, age 26, was returning with her friend from watching "Life of Pi". They got on what they thought was a public bus, but was actually a disaster waiting to claim them. Six men on the bus beat up the young man, repeatedly tortured and raped the woman until her internal organs were severely damaged, and threw them out to die.

The incident has done something almost unheard of in India- created a swarm of protests. The young men were captured and have now been charged with murder, as the young woman did not survive. In a country where sexual assaults on women are seen as the woman's problem- this could be life changing for every woman in India.

We can do nothing from our comfortable chairs except watch- read- be informed- be outraged- and offer whatever support we can: even if it is our voices. I think it is the very least this young woman deserves. To read an excellent article on this issue from Sonia Faleiro, click here.

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  1. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Great post about such a horrific crime and the reactions you see in India.
    May I suggest this article: (Link)


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