Friday Pick Six- Old Fashioned Love Songs

Friday, January 18, 2013
Girls start planning their weddings years before they have a groom in mind. So it is that my teen-aged self was spending time thinking about the future man who would love me and make all my romantic, idyllic dreams come true. I envisioned myself as a princess bride long before Rob Reiner made a movie about one.

So today, for the pick six, I am going to go back...waaaay back to the 'olden days' of the 70's (and perhaps a little of the decade before and after) to pull out some old fashioned (to me) love songs. These are not cool, new aged love songs. These are smooshy and gushy romantic love songs. These are the kinds of songs we would listen to when we were 13 and crying into our pillows, a little homage to the teen-aged girl who used to dream of her very own prince- never knowing I'd actually end up with one.

1. Captain & Tenille - "Come in From the Rain"
2. Dusty Springfield- "I only want to be with you".
3. Helen Reddy- "Somewhere in the Night".
4. Barry Manilow - "Weekend in New England."
5.Lionel Richie - "Still"
6.Barbara Streisand- "The Way we Were"

First 'slow dance' I ever remember with Jay was to this song...yes it was long, long ago!
I just love her- couldn't leave her out as I used to listen to her all the time.
The one of Helen Reddy is a god awful video...but it's the only one I could find of her singing. It's really lovely- you should just buy it on itunes if you like it.
Barry Manilow was SO popular when I graduated High School...when all those little shoe boxes full of wedding dresses clipped from magazines started to appear.
This one used to make me cry when I didn't even have anyone to think of...
Still can make me cry...


  1. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Those are some really nice songs!
    Thanks for sharing!


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