Weighing in on the "war on christmas"

Thursday, December 06, 2012
Fox News seems to have planned their entire December programming around this idea of the ‘war on Christmas’, and they are looking for evidence of any little scrooge out there to point to the godless nation we have become, we who have elected a black man to the office of Presidency and not God fearing Mitt.

I thought perhaps a little clarification was in order for anyone who might be a little confused about this issue. These are the opinions of the writer, by the way. Unlike Fox News I have not actually consulted a deity on these things.

1. December the 25th is not actually the ‘birthday’ of Christ. It is an arbitrary day chosen for that purpose. Like most birthdays, they are usually celebrated only on the actual day and not for the entire month preceding it. I think what Fox seems upset about it the war on the month of December?

2. Whether or not you set up a manger in your front yard or not does not really have anything to do with whether you are a “Christian”. I honestly think that these self-professed Christians have either not studied the Bible or have created some other document they follow. There is nothing in the Bible that talks about Christmas or how someone should celebrate it. And while I may not be a believer, I really think I know enough to know Jesus wouldn’t have said we could only be called Christians if we abide by arbitrary rules made up about a day, any day.  I’m also pretty sure this is supposed be about what is actually in your heart 365 days a year- and in that case- I think Fox News is in trouble.

3. Does anyone remember the whole thing about Christians caring for those less fortunate and acting as Christ would? I work with those less fortunate and here is something the people at Fox News might not know: they are not just in need during his birthday month. These families are suffering all year long- and I really do not think Jesus would care whether or not they deserved help or not- at least I don’t recall him asking if someone was worthy before he fed or clothed them.

Maybe the war we are waging right now is the war against Christian principles…waged primarily by those who call themselves Christians. I see an awful lot of stone throwing going around- by people who live in very large, expensive glass houses.  And I see an awful lot of postings about how we should be drug testing or pregnancy testing or sin testing those who are in need of benefits in this country. I would really like someone to point out where exactly in the Bible they found that principle, because I missed it myself.

Christmas is a time for family- for remembering those in need- for embracing humanity. It is a time to remember to give and give a little more. It is a time to remember that no matter how down you feel, financially or otherwise, there are others out there who are a little more down.  For me, at least, Christmas is all about love and acceptance and charity. And I have a feeling even Jesus would approve of that.
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  1. you're so going to Fell for saying Faux News is wrong


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