Spotlight- People Making a Difference - Too Small to Fail

Saturday, December 15, 2012
The movement "Too Small to Fail" believes all kids are at-risk kids. From their website they state "From staggering college debt and falling educational competitiveness, to extreme media exposure and skyrocketing rates of childhood obesity, all children living in America today are at risk."

The organization seeks to educate and empower all of us to become more involved in helping our children in this country- all of our children. For our future- for their futures- and for the future of our country. 

Strong, healthy, safe, educated children are our greatest asset. Too Small to Fail is attempting to bring as much focus on the future of our children as we already spending pouring resources into other important social issues. 

I particularly appreciated that they immediately responded to the tragedy in Connecticut by offering some ideas to take action. We also have a personal tie to this organization as one of our sons friends, Rey Fuentes, is working for them in San Francisco.


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