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Monday, December 31, 2012
During the month of December we have been spotlighting some charitable organizations and causes. They ranged from focusing on the pet population to world wide self sufficiency and everything in between.

Some of these have been personal favorites of mine. Today, however, we want to focus on the last piece of this puzzle- YOU. No, not an organization called "you", I mean you- the reader. I mean all of us.

My own madpoet has always said that people need to decide early on whether they want to be a guest of the world, or a host. A guest expects things to be done for them, a guest expects something just for showing up. A host- doesn't expect anything. A host is there to serve- to enlighten- to uplift. A host is someone who wants to just be of use.

In writing these posts I have learned that even for hosts- they fall into a couple different categories: ones who want to host only their own backyard, and ones for whom their backyard is the world. Neither way is right or wrong- they are just world views.

And several of these charities are organized in such a way that if you give monetarily- you might not know where the money is being used. For me- I'm fine with that. I believe in helping locally, too, but I'm really okay knowing my money is going to those most in need. So I can give through KIVA to someone in Africa, or donate to Food Bank of the Rockies knowing my money might bring food items to someone in northeast Wyoming and not here.

But the point I was hoping to make in all that- is that YOU are the one who gets to decide how to help. If you want to help with your local food bank- they can always use volunteers to sort and hand out food. We have a local angel tree in our community at Christmas and each year they struggle to find people to wrap gifts for  the kids. The children's hospital in Utah has volunteers who do nothing but rock babies all day. We can't often find enough volunteers to take hot meals to seniors who are home bound. I can usually never find a volunteer to help out my adults who struggle with reading.

You do not have to donate money- your time is very valuable and chances are there is a place locally you can find to give your time to- whether it is an after school program or an animal shelter or a nursing home. If you feel strongly about giving locally- you can always find a place you'll fit.

But the important part here is YOU. I'm not sure why volunteering is down in our country. Maybe we are all too busy- stretched too thin- overwhelmed. Working, raising families (sometimes without help), dealing with medical issues- I understand how hard it is sometimes to carve out some time for anyone else. Buy the benefit of volunteering truly will outweigh any amount of money you could ever earn.

People are out there trying to make a difference in others lives. YOU can make a difference. What better New Years resolution could you have than to be a host this year?

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  1. All power to you and your Spotlight December Diane. What an excellent "closing statement."
    We should all remember to raise our glasses and be upstanding to toast the hosts.


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