Spotlight-Making a Difference- Stand up for Kids

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Spotlight for today is on "Stand up for Kids", an organization that tries to help youth who are homeless and/or living primarily on the streets. While the program isn't in every state or community, if this is a subject close to your heart- you should see if there is one in  yours. They can always use volunteers and for $29 a month you can sponsor a young person with access to medical assistance, nutrition, employment, education and housing.

I live in a small community- and people think we do not have a homelessness problem here. But in the youth program I administer- we have not had very many groups yet where at least one kid wasn't homeless. Either by choice (home was too horrible to go back to) or not (parents kicked them out for a variety of reasons- probably all valid). Deserved or not, no kid should be sleeping in a skate park or couch surfing wherever they can. With all the resources we have to help these kids, housing is one are that no one wants to touch. At least 'not in my backyard'.


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    I admire you for your work!



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