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Monday, December 17, 2012
Feeding America is a nationwide network of local food banks whose purpose it is to feed children and families in the U.S. who are at risk for hunger.

You can donate your time- money- or voice to these causes. Often what helps them is having a warm body to help sort and distribute goods. For those who may not have deep pockets- there are still plenty of ways to give back this holiday season.

When our kids were little we had a very tight budget to work with each week. We literally lived paycheck to paycheck and usually had less than a couple dollars left at the end of each week. But I decided to help my kids see there were others who were in need also, so we 'donated' one dinner a week in food. Instead of whatever we would normally have one night we would have something very simple (soup usually) and 'donate' the other few dollars to buying food for the food bank. I let the kids choose the food items themselves. It wasn't much, but it added up and usually by the end of a month we'd have bags of soup cans or macaroni and cheese boxes or whatever we could afford. It gave them all a real feeling of community and giving back that they all still remember to this day. It doesn't take deep pockets to give. Choose someone whose work you support and donate your time- your voice- anything you can.

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