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Friday, December 28, 2012
 We will soon be winding down on our Spotlight series. I'm sure we'll revisit this in the future, and there will be a couple more posts before the finale. Still, in doing this it has become clear that while organizations that provide direct services are the sexy ones everyone likes to talk about- there still needs to be a conversation about being proactive so that future services might not be needed. For example- it is great that we have an organization to deal with the overpopulation of domestic animals, but wouldn't it be nice if we didn't overpopulate in the first place?

So it is we visit Chefs Collaborative today. They are an organization that focus on training chefs all around the country to focus on sustainable products. It has had quite an influence in some parts of the country already. Their founders "understood that chefs could significantly impact consumer buying habits, food production and distribution.  Today, the organization’s national network includes more than 12,000 chefs, food professionals, producers, and activists.

Chefs have a unique opportunity to influence change in the food system – both through their connection to their customers and each other, and through their own buying power. Chefs Collaborative is the only national nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sustainability among chefs in both restaurants and institutional food service; fostering local and regional networks of chefs; and ensuring a strong voice in the media for the chef perspective on a more sustainable food system."

One of the nice benefits of this organization is that some local communities are working on building sustainable food sources themselves, in the schools and in the neighborhoods. They are also having a large influence in the sustainable seafood discussion, which is vital to the future of our food supply.

While you can't donate directly to this organization you can become involved locally and work on food sustainability in your own communities. 


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