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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I have wanted a pair of nearly high end headphones for awhile. To be honest, most of them were way out of my price range. I became fixated on Sol Republic's products mostly because they looked stylish. They caught my attention after seeing Michael Phelps wear them at the Olympics.

All the Sol Republic products come in under $200.00 making them very affordable compared to other head phones on the market. I have listened to a lot of the higher end cans and was impressed by all of them, but as stated earlier, the price was more than my limited budget could bear.

Christmas morning brought me a pair Tracks HD headphones (black of course) from my dear Diane. Since I haven’t spent a lot of time with other headphones, I can only review these based on their relative merits.

First off is the mix and match nature of these headphones. You can replace the nearly indestructible head bands with different color and styles as well as the cables. All this allows you to create your own style of headphones. My only complaint with the design is that they are a little uncomfortable if you wear glasses. Not that they hurt, but the cans seal around your ear pretty tightly cause pressure on the glass frames around your ears.

The sound is incredible for head phones costing $129.00. They are a little mushy in the mid range, but I can just as easy write that off to the low encoding of many of my music files (192 kbps). It makes want to go back and re-rip my cd’s at 320 kbps to hear the full range on my headphones.

As far as jamming out goes, I so far tested them by listening to Moving Pictures by Rush, Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd and Combat Rock by The Clash. I have mixed a little jazz and folk as well. I have yet to find them to be truly wanting. Putting them on and cranking up some classic rock is much like the experience from my teen years of putting on those big old cans and sitting in a bean bag chair and rocking out.

If you are looking a good value and can't afford a high end pair of headphones, you can’t do better than these.

MfaMLG rating: 


  • Great Sound
  • Stylish
  • Interchangeable parts
  • Affordable


  • Not great if you wear glasses
  • Can be a little washed out in the mid range


  1. Waffle: should have gotten you a beanbag chair.

  2. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Those look good!! I need a new pair. I broke mine when I fell asleep with them on... (doh)


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