New "to me" Music Tuesday- Girlyman

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
It isn't often, as I age, that I hear a group sing something and immedietly think "I love that!". I am sort of still stuck a bit in the eras I grew up in, got married in, had kids in. I want to listen to Bruce, Rush, Pink Floyd, the Stones, Green Day and the Foo Fighters, with some Beatles thrown in.

So color me surprised when a facebook friend had a post about this group on her page and I thought 'well I'll listen in' to support her- and I was totally hooked!

I can't review their albums (yet) as I just downloaded them, but I was so impressed by the harmonies, the vocals of lead singer Tylan, and I loved the melody of the songs. Tylan has a new album coming out any day now, and I would be interested to give that a listen when it's out.

It might be that every hipster in the world knows who these guys are- but I didn't. If you didn't, give them a listen. They're pretty darn good!

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