Di's Pick Six Christmas Songs

Wednesday, December 05, 2012
I know madpoet did a pick six of his favorite Christmas re-makes. It is hard to narrow it down to just six! I am the person who listens to Christmas music all day from the day after Thanksgiving until the event day itself- and never tire of it at all. I have my favorites, that's true. I tried very hard to just list six of them here:

1.  "Oh Holy Night" - Mario Lanza.  The penultimate version of this song as far as I'm concerned, even though Caruso did it first. But my mother loved Mario Lanza, and this was always her favorite Christmas song. Listening to it every year is as natural as decorating in my house.

2. "All I want for Christmas is You" - Mariah Carey. I will admit to liking the Glee version of this, too, but it's always Mariah's voice I'm listening for when I hear this song.

3. "Silver Bells" - Bing Crosby and Ella Fitzgerald. This is my absolute favorite version of this song- and I love their harmonies.

4. "Happy Xmas War is Over" - Sarah McLachlin. I know, I should totally have chosen John Lennon's version of this and I do love it. But this is a softer version I also enjoy listening to, and it's less well known.

5. "Jingle Bell Rock" - Brian Setzer. I love some Jingle Bell Rock and there is something catchy and happy about his version.

6. "What Child is This" - Martina McBride. It hurt me to leave Sleigh Ride and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas off this list- I love them both. But this is a very sweet and thoughtful version of this song- and it deserved to make the cut.

Whomever you like to listen to over the holidays- we at Mfamlg wish you and yours a Merry little Christmas.
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"Oh Holy Night" - Mario Lanza
"All I want for Christmas is You" - Mariah Carey
"Silver Bells" - Bing Crosby and Ella Fitzgerald
"Happy Xmas War is Over" - Sarah McLachlin
"Jingle Bell Rock" - Brian Setzer
"What Child is This" - Martina McBride

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