A Mystery in Christmastown, Part Two: On the Trail

Monday, December 24, 2012
Be sure to check up on Part 1 here! If you don't feel like reading, here's what you missed: Constable John, Christmastown's stalwart law enforcement, is neck deep in the mystery of the season: Who killed the straw giant in the Wintery Woods?! His niece, the rather clever Sarah, is by his side, keeping him grounded in reality. The trail has led them to the Mills' Mill at Oak Creek, which is where we now join them...

The Oak Creek Mill
"I never imagined I'd be here on this idyllic winter morning, on the trail of a Giant Killer. The seemingly mild-mannered Mills, could they be the ones responsible for the horrors I had seen this morning? Part of me is in fervent denial, after all, how could the kindly couple who so often brings me fresh pie while I'm on duty be implicated in such heinous crime?! Perhaps those pies were BRIBES! A means to keep me from seeing their true motives! Answers are scarce, but the questions keep piling up..."

"Uncle, you're doing it again. The narrating thing. It's kinda creepy."

"Right, of course, the investigation! Thank you, junior-deputy!"

"We should probably knock on the door. See if they're here? I think it was their decoration."

 "Let me go first, Sarah, who knows what these potential perpetrators are capable of!"

"... yeah, okay."

*KNOCK KNOCK* "Mr. and Mrs. Mills?! It's Constable John! Open this door at once!"

"Oh, hello John! It's always so nice to see you. And Sarah, how are you dear?"

"Hello Mrs. Mills! We have some questions about your that big Santa decoration..."

"Let me ask the questions, junior deputy! WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE SLAIN GIANT?!"

"Giant? Oh our Santa Claus... Mr. Mills and I were going to surprise the town with it..."

"Surprise indeed, Mrs, Mills... surprise with MURDER! I'm sure the town was quite surprised to see the mutilated form in Wintery Woods this morning but the WHAT END?!"

"Oh, you must have found it! Thank you, Constable! Mr. Mills has been out all morning looking for it! You see..."


"Uncle! The only thing she admitted to is that that WAS a decoration and it WAS hers! They built him!"

"... Mrs. Mills, excuse me and my junior deputy a moment..." *ASIDE* "... are you sure?"

"Pretty sure, Uncle. I mean, it was pretty clearly a decoration. So this certainly wasn't murder."

"Hmm... now that I think about it, you're right! This WAS just a decoration, so instead of murder..."

"Yes, keep going..."

"Instead of murder this was... GASP! Vandalism!"

"... well that is more likely than murder."

"Mrs. Mills, sorry about that, and let me apologize for the terrible damage done to your Santa Giant."

"Thank you, Constable, you're always looking out for us."

"Just doing my duty, ma'am."

"Could you tell us what happened last night?"

"Of course dear. Mr. Mills and I had just settled in for the night, when we heard a terrible commotion over at the chicken coup! I ran out, and it was gone! The chickens were all in a panic, and some of our trees were knocked over! See?"

"Hmm... quite interesting..."

"Thank you, Mrs. Mills, we'll do our best to find out what happened."

"Indeed we will, junior deputy! Good day, ma'am!"

"This couldn't just be vandalism, either, uncle! Look at these trees! They're torn up from the roots, not cut down!"

"Yes, Sarah, it would take a great deal of strength to do such a thing, so I think we're looking at a WHOLE GANG OF NE'ER-DO-WELLS! Perhaps the the most dangerous gang ever seen around these parts..."

"Gang? Uncle, the town only has like 100 people in it."

"All the more bone-chilling, then, is this gang's seeming power! I wouldn't be surprised if this very gang has a hand in all the misdeeds happening here in Christmastown!"

"So, you're theory is that a gang is secretly behind the abduction and minor damage to the Mills' Mill and their giant stuffed Santa?"

"Impressed by your uncle's fantastic skills of deduction?"

"No! It sounds completely silly!"

"There's nothing silly about crime, junior deputy! Now, you're 'street smart', yes? I sometimes see you with those young hooligans over at the school."

"Yeah, I go to school with them. I'm going to go ahead and assume you're talking about... basically all the boys at the school when you say 'hooligans'."

"Precisely! Who is their ringleader?"

"What? I don't think... you know what, no, you may actually be on to something!"

"Of course I am, Sarah! This isn't my first day on the job, you know!"

"Not about the gang thing, but about Andy! Andy knows everything there is to know about the local lore! If anyone knows what could have taken down those trees and dragged that giant, it would be him!"

"So this 'Andy' is the ringleader?"

"If I say yes to that, can we please move along?"

"... yes."

"Then yes, Andy is the hooligan ringleader. Can we go now?"

Andy, the Hooligan(?) Ringleader/Know-It-All!
Time is running out! Probably! Will they find out the true force behind the Gianticide? Will the mysterious gang of hooligans foil them at every turn? What flavor of pie do you think the Mills make the Constable? Maybe find out these answers and others in the next exciting episode of A Mystery in Christmastown! Look for episode three later today and episode four on Christmas!

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