Pick Six Aerosmith

Friday, November 02, 2012
Aerosmith performed on the Today show this morning. They have a new album coming out on November 6th and while they played some of their classics, I heard one new song that sounded ...well like an Aerosmith song. I happen to love them, so it works for me.

I will say I think Steven still looks and sounds pretty good. He has a little more trouble screeching the high notes, but he does an admirable job and still has pipes. I intentionally picked an older photo of them because I always had a teeny crush on Joe Perry, and I prefer to think of him when he looked like this. I will admit this morning, he probably was scaring small children. I'm not sure what he is growing on his face- but he should have it looked at.

A little walk down memory lane with the toxic twins and the band.

1. Dream On
2. Angel
3. Pink
4. Sweet Emotion
5. Janie's got a Gun
6. Livin' on the Edge

Videos after the Jump


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