NMT: Random Review- The Voice vs American Idol

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I’ve been watching American Idol since season two. Well, I was watching it. For some reason in the last couple of years, I’ve become pretty discouraged by the show, both the judging changes and the format. I had heard a lot of buzz about “The Voice” and wanted to check it out this year.

I know this isn’t earth shattering in terms of discussion- the world will go on nicely without any television. But when you work hard, and long, there is something very comforting about coming home and just watching something mindlessly entertaining. So don’t be surprised if my next blog is about Food shows!

I think “the Voice” has everything “American Idol” doesn’t. “The Voice” has coaches versus judges- which I think not only gives the contestants a better shot at succeeding, but gives them a realistic platform for their future. I don’t think Idol offers any of that- and the more I watched the Voice, the more I was convinced Idol is just mean spirited- in that they sort of throw these kids to the wolves (tv land) and let them fall or stand without much support.

I’ve seen contestants leave Idol and the judges cry with them, but I’m not sure there is much beyond that. On the Voice, I’ve seen contestants leave and heard the judge’s whisper “stay in touch with me”. I think most of them mean it.

The Voice will have some coach changes in the next round. Christina and CeeLo are not leaving; they are taking a break and will return. I’ll still probably watch them versus Idol. I can’t say I’ve seen anyone from the Voice become a big hit like we’ve seen with Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Hudson. But I think the talent is impressive, and hope that some of them are more marketable than a few of the kids we’ve seen on Idol.

On this season, Amanda Brown certainly seems like a force. Her rendition of “Dream On” was one of the best things I’ve heard on these types of shows. And while I probably prefer Terry on team Blake, watching Cassadee sing Blake’s song about losing his brother- almost had me in tears.  Being a 'girl', it doesn't hurt too much that Adam is as cute as can be and Blake is the kind of guy you just want to crawl up the front of and settle in for awhile. All that aside- it's the music I come back for. I’ll be watching, and listening, to see how it goes.

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