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Friday, November 16, 2012
We went to Ralph Brennan's Red Fish Grill & Restaurant on Wednesday night. It was loud and busy, much like the street it is on, Bourbon Street. I was a little put off by the chaos, but our waiter, Iain, guided us through the specials and house specialties without having to shout.

We started with appetizers. Diane had the house salad, featuring a apple rosemary vinaigrette and pecans, which she said was the best salad she had the whole time she has been here. I opted for the BBQ oysters. The blending of flash fried oysters with blu cheese and barbecue sauce was great.

For dinner, I had the Hickory grilled red fish. It was cooked perfectly and was pretty good. The ham, english peas and potatoes that fish was served on top of brought very little to the overall flavor profile, which was okay, since the fish is the star of this dish.
Diane had the BBQ Gulf Shrimp and grits. She was a little taken aback that the shrimp were served with their heads on, but she was adventurous and went ahead at ate them, after removing the heads.
I would say that other than the loud nature of the restaurant, this is a must visit place if you have a little money to spend on some good Louisiana seafood.


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