New Orleans Food Post 2 of ?

Friday, November 16, 2012
I have a confession. I did not have a po boy sandwich while in New Orleans. I did have beignets for breakfast on three days. I went to Cafe Du Monde once and Cafe Beignet twice. I had one breakfast of hot cakes at the very awesome Mena's Palace.

I think the beignets at Cafe Beignet are slightly better than the one at Cafe Du Monde. The Cafe Beignets signature item are bigger & fluffier than the ones at Cafe Du Monde. If you are looking for an affordable place to get a meal in The French Quarter, I highly recommend Mena's Palace. Good cooking, great breakfast and a great neighborhood bar.

While I did not get a po boy, I did get a muffuletta sandwich from Central Grocery, where the sandwich originated. I ordered a half sandwich instead of a whole. This turned out to be good idea, as the half sandwich was enough for two meals. If you are a small family, you might wan to order a whole sandwich. If you can eat a whole sandwich, well, good on ya!

So my lunches & breakfasts were quite good. All were fairly portable, save for the cups of powdered sugar on the beignets.


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