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Tuesday, November 06, 2012
Election day is upon us, and I just want to urge everyone to vote. I don't care who you are voting for. If you are a regular reader of this blogs political posts, you probably have a good idea who we are voting for.

Living in a state that largely votes a way different than my own, it can feel like my vote is meaningless. Maybe it is, but by voting, I have some skin in the game. Really that is what it is all about. We all need to participate in the great experiment in democracy.

Today we put aside our arguments about the fairness of the electoral college and who are really the best candidates. We will cast our a vote for our conscience. So please, vote and participate in our great democracy. If you know someone who needs help getting to the polls, give them a ride.

Today is one those days where it's a chance to show our fellow citizens that even if we have different views of the way this country should be going, we all get a say in the outcome.

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