Having 'enough'.

Sunday, November 25, 2012
This month, I have been thinking about how thankful I an that I have enough. 

Enough food. Enough heat. Enough medicine. Enough love. 

I stopped by my family literacy group last week to check in on them and see if anyone there was in need for the holidays. Isn't it easy to sit and plan our own bountiful dinner and not stop to think of those whose tables will be a little empty? Fortunately- a couple of the families I was really worried about had already received the gift of a bountiful Thanksgiving from other agencies in town, so there were no needs unmet. At least not the food kind. 

Housing, clothing, shoes. Enough. So many people spend all their time hoping they can keep just enough. Today I am thankful for my enough. And I am thankful to live in a world where there are still enough people who care that others have the same.

My father wasn't a very nice man, but I remember clearly growing up that he always made sure no matter how poor we were that we focused on another family during the holidays. Now that I work with these families I know it isn't enough to just think of them once a year. But they are grateful for the attention the holidays bring- make no mistake about that.

When our boys were little we did the same with them. Each year, no matter how thin our own tree was, we thought of ways to give to other families. Because we always did have enough. Enough love, enough warmth, enough food. 

As we all gear up for the holidays I hope everyone will stop and think of ways to give back to just one family- one person- who might not have enough. Offer to pay their heat bill, buy them dinner, get their kids some Santa gifts, give your time to babysit while they take an afternoon off, or sit with someone at a nursing home who doesn't get visitors. . 

Give without strings. Give because you can. Give because you have enough.


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