Wednesday Flashback: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
In 1976 you always knew where to look for me on a weekend night. I'd be at the Neptune Theater in Seattle Washington with my friends, standing in line to see Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Every. Weekend.

This was not a movie for us- it  became something much larger than that. We loved the music. We loved the actors. We loved participating in the show. We loved dressing up. We loved being drunk/high/whatever while we watched it. We fell in love in that theater, fell out of love. We wanted to dream it...and be it.

The music itself is worth listening to. Oh maybe not every single song- but there is no questioning the wonderful talent of Tim Curry singing "Sweet Transvestite". Somehow he sang that and all we could think of was how hot he looked. Guys, too.

Meatloaf was wonderful as Eddie. He was only on screen for a short time, but we all fell in love with that big voice. We loved Brad and Janet, Magenta and Colombia. We tolerated Riff. Riff was weird. And everyone, by the end, felt a little sad when the main cast sang "I'm going home".

The last time I saw this in a theater was probably 1981. It was different in each place- everyone had their own little things to do during each song, each scene. And everyone thought their theater did it best. I couldn't begin to tell you how many times I saw it. Way over one hundred, that's for sure. The weirdest place was in Hollywood on the strip. Talk about 'high flawless' over the top productions! The dullest show I went to was in Long Beach.

I've seen it on tape/dvd a time or two. The nostalgia is there. The songs are still wonderful. But it's not the same as when Jerry "High flawless", Kelly "Molly Mae", Dennis and I would go on Friday and Saturday at midnight in 1976 and the years following. We tried to be outrageous.

We failed. But it was lots of fun trying.

Come on, lips...'lick it".


  1. Our generation never got anything like this, the closest equivalence are modern day internet "memes" that everyone knows, recognizes, and enjoys, but they pale in comparison to the whole communal experience of going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Kinda makes me sad.


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