Minecraft: Great game, or the GREATEST GAME?!

Sunday, August 26, 2012
Cover for the recently released Xbox 360 Version
We kinda had a thing going where we reviewed games on Sunday, but since only three have been done since March, it's safe to say it didn't really take off. But today is Sunday, and I certainly want to talk about a game that has consumed much of my life and even more of my little brother's life, MINECRAFT. For those of you who have never heard of Minecraft, I say "BWA-HUH?" and "Where have you been the last couple of years?", and then I link you to a couple of great Penny Arcade comics about it as well as this review of it from an angry Australian man who reviews games. Those should fill you in.

So, why is this blocky game so great, and perhaps, as the post title suggests, THE GREATEST? Because of the possibilities it opens up, which I believe fall into the "limitless" category. Seriously, for a blocky game about mining and building, people have done some amazing things. Don't believe me? Then I some pictures for you after the jump that I hope will change your mind.

This picture is of a 1-1 scale replica of the Enterprise D, made in Minecraft.

Not into Star Trek? Look here, someone also recreated ALL OF MINAS TIRITH from Lord of the Rings in Minecraft!
Actually, a group of people have created much of Middle Earth using Minecraft. Here's Barad-dur, complete with the Eye of Sauron!

Lord of the Rings not recent enough in the pop-culture consciousness? Here's a to scale Minecraft recreation of Castle Black and the Wall, from Game of Thrones!

Not into mere recreations of existing things done in Minecraft? Here's a picture of a player created super-Castle.
Here's another. In fact I could give you thousands of pictures like these of original creations of castles, cities, landscapes, etc. just by browsing the Minecraft Forums (linked here), which is where I pulled most of these from. Check out the "Creative Mode" forum for all kinds of creations! This is just a sampling. Heck, even if you, for some reason, don't like the idea of being able to create worlds using only your imagination and this game, you could still actually play the game part, where you try to survive monsters and work towards killing a big scary dragon and such. Point being, I love Minecraft. Were this an actual game review I'd give the game an "A" on the Creative Mode aspect alone.

Also, call me old fashioned, but I also find it endearing that a game about creating things is so popular in the modern age of hyper-gory realistic shooters.


  1. Anonymous12:25 AM

    I started playing Minecraft shortly after it was released into Beta. I've loved it SO much ever since. Although some of the updates complicate the otherwise simplistic concept of the game, I don't mind them so much seeing as I am a hardcore crafter. I spend hours upon hours building structures or enormous size, floating castles, sky-high skyscrapers. I'm ALWAYS trying to top the last thing I build. Minecraft has not only found it's way into the heart of my inner child, but it has helped me to open up my imagination in ways I never thought possible. I would be happy to bolster the argument of Minecraft being the GREATEST GAME.

    1. Did you build all of these Minecraft creations because if you did id like some building ideas cause im okay but dont know exactly how to make the eye

    2. If you are the one that made the eye and minis tirith and the enterprise please type back to me

  2. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Minecraft Rules I want a download link to the enterprise plz

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