Chik-Fil-A and Free Speech- 'Aint it Wonderful?

Thursday, August 02, 2012
All day yesterday on my Facebook I saw uploaded photos and shares of people supporting Chik-Fil-A and Mike Huckabee's "Chik-Fil-A's Appreciation Day", which was aimed to directly comment on the heat the fast food chain has taken lately for its owners stance on Gay Marriage. What Huckabee said directly was that he was "incensed at the vitriolic assaults on the Chick Fil-A company because the CEO, Dan Cathy, made comments recently in which he affirmed his view that the Biblical view of marriage should be upheld."

Minor point: Dan Cathy is not the CEO of the company- his father is.

What I kept reading on the internet by people who were trying to be carefully moderate in their support of the company was this little paraphrase in a nutshell:

"We don't hate the gays 'cause the bible says we shouldn't hate- but we are supporting poor Dan Cathy's right to free speech! Everyone should have free speech! We love free speech! Aint free speech grand?"

Um...have any of you actually READ the reasons that gay rights groups and those of us who support equal rights under the law for everyone opposes Chik-Fil-A? I'll let you in on a little secret: it has nothing to do with First Amendment/Free Speech rights.

In fact Dan Cathy does have every right to say anything he wants to about gay marriage, God's law or who he thinks is going straight to hell. We have no qualms with that.

What we DO have an issue with is Chik-Fil-A using their profits to support hate groups and organizations that oppose equal rights. And you were unaware they were doing that? How about to the tune of about 5 million dollars worth. And what is it that he is supporting with that 5 million dollars? Their profit dollars are supporting groups that are:
  • Depicting gay people as pedophiles
  • Wanting to make gay behavior 'illegal'
  • Saying that gays should be 'exported' out of America
  • Saying if anyone else supports gay marriage they are inviting "God's judgement upon our nation" (Free speech for the rest of us, anyone?)
  • That same sex marriage is the result of a deprived mind
  • That gays should be 'prayed straight'  despite the fact that medical professionals all over the world state this is not only not real but psychologically dangerous
The First Amendment does offer free speech and freedom of religion (among other issues, it's actually rather complex if you'd like to go read it) but it does not ensure the right of a company to discriminate against anyone on the basis of religon, sex, race or gender. And they don't do that do they? Well, actually, they were sued over a dozen times for employment discrimination, and if you read on the internet the responses from some of their gay employees who spoke out after yesterday- well, really, you should be ashamed of yourself if you support an agenda of hate at Chik-Fil-A.

Truett Cathy actually was reported in Forbes as stating that he "wanted to hire married people because they are more industrious and productive. Truett Cathy has also said he would probably fire someone who "has been sinful or done something harmful to their family members." *

You can support him if you want to. Really, that is the beautiful thing about this country: We all are entitled to our opinions and beliefs. And we can stand up and shout them from any rooftop, or blog that we want to. But don't kid yourself into feeling better about what you did yesterday if you think you went to Chik-fil-A to support their right to "free speech". That is bullshit, and we all know it. What you were supporting was an agenda of hate. Shame on you.

Hat Tip to HuffPo


  1. Even though I am little tired of hearing about this, I do agree that it is not a free speech issue. My only worry is that his five million dollars is buying a lot more free speech than I can muster by boycotting their establishment.

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  3. Supports Dan Cathy's inalienable right to open his mouth and show the world he's a misguided fool.

    If Gawd's Wrath® worked as he suggests, pedophiles would burst into flames.

    Can we go back to giving Dan & his ilk as much notice as Illinois Nazis?


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