Thursday Think Piece- polish off the passports

Thursday, July 12, 2012
I was checking in on a social site the other day and came across this:

I really could not have written that better myself. I don't even like Henry least I don't think so. But, no mind, he was right on here. We were busy raising three boys in a downward economic trend in the early 2000's but there was one thing we were very certain of: we wanted to send our kids to Europe. Someplace. Across water. Where other people live.

It isn't that we don't find beauty and wonder in our own country. We certainly do- and hope to see all of it someday. But there is an arrogance that comes from living in what we always hear is the 'greatest country on earth'. Well, it's great. I won't argue that. I love it here. But there actually are other 'great' countries, and some 'really good' ones, too. And the people living there- well, they're pretty happy- a lot of them.

Now Henry was talking about going to third world nations in a lot of this- carrying water for 12 miles is not something you usually see downtown London. But you can learn things there, too- how we look in someone else's eyes, the way our politics are viewed outside of Fox"News".

You will certainly, as Henry says, learn lessons you cannot get from a book. You'll see things in the faces of other people you never imagined from television, you'll hear things in their stories-their voices- that you could not hear in words on a page.

Maybe the most important thing you'll learn is that we are, all of us, part of a planet we share. Not little pieces of land we want to claim as 'ours'--Land that belonged to the earth and the generations long before we came, and will long after we leave. We need to take better care of that land. And each other.


  1. A looooooooooong time ago I grabbed a passport, a backpack, a Europass & hit the road for about 3 months. It was awesome. Last summer my then 14 year old went to England with a friend and a teacher and I was really, really nervous - and it was only England! But she had such a great time. This year she went to France & the other kid went to Spain. We really can't afford it, but I think it's really important for them to get out into the world.

    As they get older, perhaps they'll venture further - maybe Africa or Asia - who knows?


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