Wednesday Flashback: Playing on my 8 track in 1973

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My first year of High School ended in 1973. While it was not a banner year for me…too much pain and self-imposed exile, it still held some magical music memories for me. Here are the top songs playing on my turntable or in a friend’s automobile 8 track in 1973:


              " Money" – Pink Floyd. ( I, to this day, cannot hear the opening jingle of this song and not see us driving around Norwalk stopping at the pizza place or Tastee Freeze while listening to this song blaring out the windows.)
2.       “Smoke on the Water” – Deep Purple.
3.       “Reelin’ in the Years” – Steely Dan
4.       “Ramblin’ Man” – Allman Brothers
5.       “Angie” – Rolling Stones
6.       “Free Ride” – Edgar Winter Group

1973 was also the year of “Cover of the Rolling Stone”, “Crocodile Rock”, “Superstition”, and “Diamond Girl”. It was also the year of Tony Orlando and Dawn, who had the #1 song that year with ‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon”. I prefer to think of the redeeming qualities of 1973…when really good music was being created and, on the flip side of rock, the world gave us Marvin Gaye singing “Let’s get it on” and Gladys Knight singing “Neither one of us (wants to be the first to say goodbye.”

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  1. I was still in elementary school in '73, but I loved all this stuff. In fact, Free Ride was one of my favorite songs when I was in high school. I listened to a Classic Rock station when a lot of my (misguided) friends were still into disco.


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