Ivan Meets GI Joe

Saturday, June 02, 2012
Sandinista! has become my favorite Clash album. Sure, London Calling was career defining, but Sandinista's loose experimentation with all sorts of the world music of it's day has become very compelling to me. I like to put it on and kind of let it wash over me, almost how I would listen to a prog rock album.

The whole of the album is a reflection of the chaos that was the beginning of the new decade that was the eighties. We are in the dawn of the ascendent conservatism that would define my lifetime. Sandinista! name checks and expands, in almost infuriatingly ways, the debates of that time.

In 1980, it opened my mind to new musical styles and political ideas. Today much of it is just as vital as it was thirty two years ago. In keeping with the theme of yesterday's Friday Pick Six, the song Ivan Meets GI Joe, will always remind me of those days. From the sampled sounds of a New York arcade to the cold war paranoia that we all lived with, this song is hidden gem on an album full of them.

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