A sort of flashback....and dedication to my one and only

Thursday, June 28, 2012
Too late for Wednesday Flashback...I was still reminded today of thirty years ago, 1982 in Fullerton California, when I was newly married and the world was new with possibilities. All of this came about because our oldest son, Jason, just became engaged to his love and future bride- Hilary.

While the aches and pains remind me of the years that have passed- even if the wrinkles and shifting didn't- the remembrance of those early days of love and longing are as fresh today as they were thirty years ago.

I know this song was more recently written- but had it been written in 1982 I would have listened to it on the radio and thought of my new husband and forever love. While I take a moment to be thankful for him always letting me be his one and only- I want to take a moment to also congratulate and dedicate this to Jason and Hilary- may you always be one anothers one and only.


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