Wednesday Flashback: Hotter Than July

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Had you had the opportunity to see me drive past your house in 1981 I would have been in my yellow retro Olds Cutlass and I can almost promise you that I would have had "Master Blaster-Jammin" screaming from the CD player. It was the theme song of the spring and summer of 1981.

I had always loved some of the songs Stevie did, but this was the first record of his I owned. I loved the Marley inspired reggae sounds, I loved the tribute to MLK...and I loved the sad and maybe misplaced ballad "Lately".

"Hotter Than July" made Stevie accessible to all us white kids, and we loved it.

While I would highly recommend you at least listen to two of my favorites on the album: "Master Blaster" and "Lately", you should also give "All I Do" and "I Ain't Gonna Stand For it" a listen. Better yet, just download the entire album. Listening to Stevie makes me remember when the cars were hot, the days were hotter, and the promise of love seemed hotter than July.

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