New(ish) Music Tuesday: Some Nights by Fun.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012
Some Nights, Fun
I know, I know, I'm getting pretty good at doing "new" music Tuesdays on three month old albums, but I need a good week to digest the new Counting Crows album so for now I'm writing for the sophomore album by the alt-tastic band with the painfully hipster name, Fun.. With a period. But don't confuse Fun. with an actual hipster band, because unlike hipster bands, Fun. makes endlessly catchy and brilliant music.

Some of you may remember me mention Fun. from my Friday Pick Six most played songs on iTunes list, where I mentioned that every song off their first album was in my top 25 most played on iTunes, and for good reason. Fun. as a band hits all the right notes for me; musically, lyrically, thematically, and so on. I didn't expect their second album to be any different, and lo and behold it wasn't. Some Nights is just as brilliant as their first album.

What makes Some Nights so good, though, isn't that its like Aim and Ignite (Fun.'s first album). I mean, it is, to some degree, but its not just the same old formula with some new lyrics and a different cover, like any good sophomore album Some Nights expands on what was good on Aim and Ignite and goes further, adding new things to the mix. And while some bands try this and end up with something a bit muddled, Fun. manages to add to their original successful formula and make something even better, like Code Red Mountain Dew or Vanilla Coke. Some Nights combines Fun.'s misleadingly upbeat music and interesting lyrics into new arrangements in a concept album, with the songs relating the feeling of those painfully challenging nights you get every once in a while where you hit your highest high and lowest low and everything you know seems to crumble. Everyone can relate to Some Nights because as a concept album it captures those feelings so effectively.

I don't think I, as a reviewer, have ever given an album a perfect four star review on this blog, but, brace yourselves, I think I'm about to break that four-less streak... Yup, Some Nights is worthy. From beginning to end, the album delivered on every level I expected, which is impressive considering how high my expectations were for it after Aim and Ignite became one of my most listened to albums of all time. I would almost definitely recommend this album to everyone I know. I almost don't want to link you to any song, if I can't make you listen to the whole album. So after the jump there will be the video for their first single, but seriously, consider giving the whole album a listen. I don't throw out four star reviews all the time, people.

We Are Young (Music Video)


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