New Music Tuesday: The Cranberries "Rose"

Tuesday, May 01, 2012
The Cranberries, Rose
When madpoet told me the Cranberries had a new record out I was excited as I had loved them back in the 90's. He also warned me the reviews weren't stellar.

After listening through I would have to say this about the return of the Cranberries: I'm glad they're back. Anyone who would have given this record a negative review probably didn't like their first three records either. While "Roses" harkens back to the softer sounds of "To the Faithful Departed" and not so much like their hit "Zombie", it is nevertheless a lovely listen.

The lyrics and arrangements have mellowed but in a good way, like wine will over time.

"Conduct" is a good opener to the album and gives you a hint of what is to come- a more mature and thoughtful album, and one full of ponderings about life and love and the end of all things.

The title song "Roses" is a little depressing, but does end the album with a reflection of a relationship ending- from death of the spirit or the body.

The Cranberries have mellowed with age, but haven't we all?

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