Friday Pick... Uh, Nine: The Three Best Videos of Three Different Decades

Friday, May 11, 2012
A family dinnertime discussion of great music videos the other bloggers had never seen inspired us to do another collaborative Pick Six, one where we each chose a decade and listed our three favorite videos from that decade. Here's what decade we chose and what we liked most from it:

Diane: The 80's
A family discussion lent itself to talking about the ‘best videos of all time’ the other night. When I named a couple from the 80’s and my son, born in 1988, said ‘never saw it’ we, like all good parents, forced him to sit through a few of them. The 80’s were THE era for videos. They were new, classic, artsy, innovative, clever. They were little movies set to music.

They made directors and music producers rich, maybe a few bands rich, too, and they could make or break a music career. I’m not arguing if that is right or not, but this is about the best videos I remember from the 80’s. Sadly I am being relegated to choosing only 3 to represent this banner decade of wonderful music.

1. Thriller – Michael Jackson. Whether you’re watching the short or long version this was just one of Michael’s wonderful videos from the 80’s when he was the King of Pop. Narrated by Vincent Price (uber-cool) the video was directed by John Landis (Animal House, Blues Brothers) and had a screenplay!
2. Take on Me – a-ha. While the song may be forgotten into the 80’s fog and the hair can still be made fun of, the sheer art and style of this video makes it one that is forever at the top of every favorite list from the 80’s. The band itself continued to have some success in Europe but never did take off in the states after this brief foray into the MTV world.
3. Hot for Teacher – Van Halen. I know, it doesn’t make most people’s list of favorites for the 80’s and there are SO many more to choose from…I could go on and on. And I’ve only focused on early 80’s. But, I cannot watch this video without smiling and falling in love all over again with the so-adorable Eddie Van Halen. Even my son was properly in awe of his ‘shredding’ on the guitar. Just for the fun of it, it has to be here.

Jay AKA Madpoet: The 90's
When we started this discussion, we didn't explicitly say we would take a decade, but my three entries all come from the nineties. This not to say that I think the videos from the nineties are better than the ones from the eighties, but I think Di covered them nicely. Face it, the eighties were a golden age for music videos, but the generation that followed borrowed from the creativity of their predecessors to make some nice videos.

6. Jeremy - Pearl Jam. Between the scenes of the title character and Eddie Vedder's passionate singing, this video has art house power packed into a nice little five minute bundle. It also features on of the most iconic ending shot's in music video history.
7. Warning - Greenday. I know this was released in 2000, but it is a great video featuring all things you are told never to do. Funny and well shot, definitely deserving of being in this list.
8. Big Me - Foo Fighters. The video that set the standard for what a Foo Fighters video is all about, which is not to take yourself too seriously. I love the story Dave Grohl tells about this video. After reading treatment after treatment, they came to one that simply said, "You know those Mento's commercials?".

El Kaiser Guapo: The 00's
When talking about the Aughts and Music Videos, there are really two bands you almost HAVE to mention: OK Go and Andy Sanburg's The Lonely Island. Why? Because in this age of YouTube and MTV not showing music videos anymore, popular videos go "viral" and spread across the internet like herpes in a turn-of-the-century port. And no videos from the past decade have gone more viral than those by OK Go and The Lonely Island. Also, I chose Muse's video for Knights of Cydonia, a video so extreme I will allow it to speak for itself.

7: Here It Goes Again, by OK Go
8: I'm On a Boat, by The Lonely Island
9: Knights of Cydonia, by Muse


Take On Me

Hot For Teacher



Big Me

Here It Goes Again

I'm On A Boat (NSFW)

Knights of Cydonia

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  1. Was that really produced by Gustav Von Neumann?


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