Friday Pick Six: Summer Songs

Friday, May 25, 2012
EKG had the idea we should do a pick six of songs that make us think of summer...since it's almost summertime everywhere but here (snowed a little this morning). Mine are mostly a mix of my childhood and teen years (nostalgia, anyone?) so I hope you'll enjoy- and we can look forward to a different group of summer songs next Friday.

1. Summertime - Ella Fitzgerald. How could this one not be on anyone's list? Lovely, melodic, summer in a song.
2. Summer in the City - The Lovin' Spoonful - harkens back to those hot summers in Cali growing up.
3. Save your Heart for me - Gary Lewis and the Playboys. This is a real oldie but it always made me wish I was one of those girls that someone would sing a song like this to...
4. Surfin' USA - The Beach Boys. I grew up on the Beach Boys. They were my very first concert (I was like 4 and don't remember it at all) But I grew up in SoCal where you had to get your tan on and put lemons in your hair to be blonder in the summertime. And oh those boys of summer. Carl little surfer boy...this one is for you. You just have to check out the video of this...especially the lady in the far right with the striped dress on. Groovy.
5. California Girls - David Lee Roth. I just couldn't resist including this one....I loved the original but only Diamond Dave could make a cutesy song from the 60's kind of lewd and smarmy...
6. In the Summertime - Mungo Jerry. You may not have heard of him...but you'll recognize the song.

Videos after the jump.

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