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Thursday, April 26, 2012
I know there has been a lot of chatter about Ann Romney and comments made about being a full time mom. has a little piece about a random comment she made that irritated a lot of people.

Here is my little rant: 1st- I think it is unfair to pick one little thing she might have said and blow it into an issue. We all get tongue tied and maybe she did, too.

But I will happily take her to task when she is trying to compare her experience being a stay at home mom with the rest of us. I was a stay at home mom, too. It was truly the best job I've ever had, the most rewarding, the most wonderful. It wasn't necessarily a "choice" at the time. Our son was born disabled and we could not afford medical day care for me to return to work. I was fine with it, it became a passion and love that I was lucky enough to be able to do while my husband worked more hours than a man should most of the time to support us.

But I am pretty sure Ann never did grocery shop with $40 left to feed a family of 5 for a week. I'm pretty sure she never once stood in the check out line and had to put something back. I doubt seriously she wondered how to pay for the Dr., or the Dentist, or clothing so her kids would have something new to wear to school on the first day. I'll bet that Ann never had to ride the bus, 8 months pregnant, to the family services office to see if she could get medical to deliver her baby and some food stamps for the ones at home- only to be told it takes weeks to process and that she would have to try the food bank.

Now I'll admit that my situation was not always dire either, and while I probably had more empty checking account days than she ever had, it doesn't mean I can relate to people who have things much tougher. And I suppose that is the point here. None of us should DARE to think we can 'relate' our experiences to others unless we have been there.

Can Ann Romney relate to women in America today who are struggling to work, choice or not, and raise a family on less money than they need? No. Can her husband? Probably not. But I'll be fair here, I'm sure Michele Obama didn't have a lot of those days, either, as a working mother. Or either of the Mrs. Bush's. This isn't about politics. It really isn't. So let's not make it about that.

I know the campaign machine is desperately trying to relate to women to get 'the vote'. Fine, talk about things we care about: talk about health care, day care, schools. Talk about giving our kids an opportunity to create a life for themselves unburdened by massive debt before they even get out of college. Talk to us about fair pay, about equal rights, and about choices. But don't presume to play the "I'm a mom too" card and think you know anything about us. Just don't.


  1. yes, let us demand a reality based discussion.

  2. great blog! And that subject is international, as is the need for a reality based discussion.


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