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Sunday, April 01, 2012
I love Angry Birds. I admit one of the reasons I wanted an iPad was to play Angry Birds on it. So far I haven't disappointed with my iPad as my primary Angry Birds playing platform. To say I was excited when the new Angry Birds came out was to put it mildly.

I plunked down my $2.99 and was off and playing. Putting Angry Birds in space has added a nice new touch to the straightforward gameplay of the original birds. The addition of gravity has created a new way to think in more than two directions, by adding around to up and down.

So, not only can you use gravitational forces to aim your birds around objects, weightlessness can also cause unintended consequences, from causing your birds to bounce off something and float away. Worse, pigs can go unexploded and drift out of range of your birds.

Two new birds are introduced that are variations on old birds. One is like the old yellow triangle birds. Now purple and called Lazer birds, they can now home in on objects. This allows you to launch them then tap a target which they will alter their direction to smash whatever object is in their way.
The other bird is a square one that explodes and freezes everything around it, making it easy for the splitter birds to break through any object. It replaces the white bird.
There are few things I don't like. For example, the gameplay is pretty short with just two worlds available. I am one of those players that charges through all the levels and then goes back to three star, find the eggs and feathers, so I am not done playing the first two worlds to the point of boredom yet.

It also seems that Rovio is going to charge for extra worlds as a $0.99 in game purchase, which seems a bit money-grubbing. Knowing me though, I will probably pay the ninety-nine cents for more content, because, well, Angry Birds. Maybe Rovio knows their audience too well.

Finally, the new boss levels are kind of annoying. Adding movement to the target sounds like a fun idea, but in practice, I find it kind of tedious.
All in all, if you are an Angry Birds junky, $2.99 + for more worlds is relatively cheap and a great way to pass the time. Even if you are a casual player, it might be worth checking out.


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