Remembering Davy Jones-Wednesday Flashback

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
I am going to get personal in this flashback because Davy Jones was my all time favorite number one crush when I was very young. I watched him faithfully in "The Monkees" on television (one of the few times my father relented to letting me watch something I wanted to watch growing up), had their records and saved my pennies weekly to purchase every Tiger Beat magazine that came out if he graced the cover. Davy, who I have read was a very brilliant person, understood his appeal very well. In a recent article he said he understood that all the girls who loved him so much "didn't want to take me home to bed-they wanted to hang my poster on their wall."

I'll let the guys in on a secret here. We all know that when young pre-teen guys look at a swimsuit model or actress they like they are more than likely thinking something carnal. Not young girls. We dream of marrying our idols, maybe kissing them (chastely), having them sing to us or just sit and smile at us. I never felt anything carnal for Davy Jones, but I went to sleep dreaming of him every night.

So it was that every teenage girl could relate to and appreciate when he appeared on "The Brady Bunch", the object of Marsha's desire, and he kissed her chastely on her cheek, which she promptly vowed never to wash again.

I can still listen to any song he sang and conjure up that eleven year old girl who had her first major crush. That little girl will never forget how this one man influenced her belief in magic, music and the mystery of crushes.

Rest well, sweet prince.

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