Wednesday Flashback-Simon and Garfunkel

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Released in 1972, Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits is probably the album I listened to even more than my beloved Beatles, and it is still like musical xanax to me. No matter what kind of day I've had, if I hear even one of these songs I am transported back to a simpler moment, a quiet moment. Art Garfunkel's voice is like honey to listen to, and I honestly do not think there is a song on this album I do not love.

Why wait until the Greatest Hits album was released to fall in love with them? Well, some of these songs were recorded beginning in 1964, and I was six years old at the time. I don't recall what I was listening to at age 6, but it was probably not Simon and Garfunkel. By the time I was 13, oh, I was ready for this.

I have always preferred the songs Art sings to those of Paul. Paul's songs are usually a little sillier, and I was oh so serious at 13. Still, the album holds up and I still enjoy listening to it now and then.

Favorites are:
For Emily wherever I may find her
The Boxer
Homeward Bound
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Kathy's Song

I'd be tempted to include the lyrics to some of the songs here, they would read like the loveliest of poems. Still, there is nothing like listening to them through that honey voice of Art's, so I encourage you to do that instead.

Videos after the jump.

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