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Thursday, February 16, 2012
Lately I think I’m alienating family and acquaintances with my comments on their Facebook pages. What happens is they post some popularized photo or video about some form of social commentary or injustice and they make comments like “right on!” or “this is what we need!” . And then when I question them or comment about their agreement with the photo or video…I get silence in return.

One recent example is the video of the father who was responding to his daughters Facebook ‘letter’ about how horrible her parents were. (I am not posting the link here- just search 'dad shoots computer' and you'll see it everywhere.)In it he read the letter, responded to it, and then told her there were going to be consequences for her actions. The responses to this were overwhelmingly in support of the father, with some additional commentary about the state of ungrateful teenagers in our society and how many of them need to be taught a similar lesson.

I don’t disagree with what her father did in making the video to address her ‘letter’, or to his putting it on Facebook for her friends to see. I don’t disagree with any of his comments about how little she is required to do at home and how getting paid for it is a ridiculous request. I don’t disagree at all about making sure she suffered consequences for her actions, and applaud him for seeing that she did.

The part that bothered me about this, and this is something I’m not seeing anyone else post about, is that in ‘showing her a lesson’ about the consequences of her actions- he used a gun. Now, before people get all worked up here I am not anti-gun. Far from it. I have been around them, owned them and used them since I was a child. My objection was in his using the gun to prove his point here.

Why? What was the purpose of using the gun? Was it to show her that next time she gets out of line it might be her sitting on the lawn with a gun pointed at her? Was it to enforce his position of ‘power’? Because he should not have needed a gun for that- and it’s the gun part of all this I question.

I’m not even saying he shouldn’t have used it. I’m not sure I CAN say that. But the fact he did, and the fact that everyone responded so overwhelmingly to the gun being used…well…that bothers me a little.

I suppose that is my point here. 

If you are going to have a response to something, and post that response on Facebook, then I think it is something you should have thought about- and thought through. And if you’re questioned about it, you should be able to say WHY you agreed. You also should have done at least enough research on something to know if it’s real or not, but that’s another post for another day.

For another viewpoint, check this out.


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