NMT: Daughtry Break the Spell

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Daughtry Break the Spell, 3 Stars

There was a time in my life when my musical taste was governed by what the people around me thought was cool to listen to. I outgrew that a long time ago. I like what I like, and I particularly like someone who creates the music they like and doesn’t apologize for it. If you are a pop music star, then create great pop music and I’ll appreciate it.
Daughtry creates catchy, melodic pop/rock music and he does it well. I was impressed with him when he was on American Idol and enjoyed some of the songs on his first album. I’ll admit I never listened to the second one, which got fairly good reviews. This is his third installment and I’ve listened to it several times over the last few days. Not all the songs are winners. The album has a lot of really catchy songs and a few forgettable ones. I noticed, however, that the more I listened to it the more I found to like in even the forgettable songs and that is the sign of a pretty solid writer/performer. Daughtry is all of that, unapologetically so.
Favorite songs for me at the moment are “Spaceship”, “Gone too Soon” and “Losing my Mind”, but a few of the others are beginning to grow on me. While I’ve read others who criticize him for writing very clich├ęd songs that revolve around chorus verse chorus verse, he does it well enough and earnestly enough that I don’t care. I truly think the album is worth listening to, and that Daughtry is an artist worth supporting.

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