Wednesday Flashback: Remembering Etta James

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Anyone who has been living on the planet for the last few years knows that when Obama took office he and his wife danced, several times, to his favorite song "At Last". While Beyonce did re-record this for the movie she made in which she played Ms. James, it is the original version that speaks to us after all these years.

She is most known for that song perhaps. Known also for being drug addicted, very overweight, down and out. She once said that she was drawn to being bad, almost wanting to shock everyone with her looks and her actions. Never one to 'stay in her place', visually or artistically.

And she was an artist, there is no discussion there. Back when a voice was as much as instrument as any other, hers moves in and out of the song with a rare control and emotion. We lost her voice this week. Here, as part of our Wednesday Flashback, are a few memorable songs by Ms. Etta James.


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