Thursday Think Piece: A message to my insurance carrier

Thursday, January 12, 2012
Welcome to our new Thursday topic: Thursday Think Piece.

After spending part of the afternoon swearing like a sailor and hanging on hold for my insurance company, this one was easy to come up with.

How would you feel if your Allstate agent called you and said "Um, I know you planned to buy a new Toyota, but we just can't authorize that purchase for you. We've decided it's a horrible idea. Here is a list of cars we will permit you to buy." Would you allow that? I think not.

What if your State Farm agent called and said "Hi there, we have decided you are not permitted to drive more than 20 miles a day. We don't really care that you work further away than that, not our problem, this is our decision and you'll live with it."  You would be okay with that?

So why is it okay for us to allow our MEDICAL INSURANCE companies to make all kinds of decisions for us and we sit idly by and allow it? Have you seen commercials for 'ambulance chasing' lawyers on t.v. offering to go after your car insurance company because they are not doing right by you? Probably. Have you seen one for medical insurance companies? No. Why not? Because they are incredibly powerful, and our country has allowed them to become a monopoly that sets their own rules, does what they feel like doing, and do not get challenged. This is not democratic. We are not given choices. And yes, I know I could go out and buy a $1,000 a month policy on my own if I felt like it. I don't. I'm talking about something I PAY for, like I pay for my car insurance and home insurance...and I do not let them get away with telling me shit.

So here is a little message to my Health Provider:
  • You know the person you pay $10 an hour to to process my claim? They are not a Doctor. I'm pretty sure they never even made it into college. So I do not think they get to tell me that my Doctor cannot order films or blood tests or an explosive inner cavity search if he thinks I need it.
  • And your prescription approval person? Yeah, they didn't go to medical school either. So they do not get to tell me that the prescription my DOCTOR prescribed for me, is not acceptable to them. They can just keep their trap shut and let me handle my own medical needs, thank you very much.
  • I'm pretty sure just breathing in and out is a pre-existing condition. So please do not tell me that because I've been sick before I cannot be sick again. 
  • When I drag my butt into the emergency clinic at 4 in the morning because I'm bleeding out my arse or in so much pain I can't crawl to the car or whatever reason I would have to go to a cold and impersonal place that treats me like I have do not get to say it was 'not medically necessary'. You were not there. Next time I'll call you and you can listen to my kid scream for hours on end.
  • When I get laid off from my job and I am trying to figure out how to keep a roof over my head, you do not get to stop paying my claims because you assume I'm now receiving medical coverage by Donald Trump and you are no longer responsible. If I have other coverage that will take care of the issue, how about we do this: I'll TELL you. Stop making stupid assumptions just so you can decide not to pay. And you know what? While I'm at it, I'm tired, tired, tired of you deciding MY HEALTH CARE based on MONEY. It's not about money here. Not to me. And I PAY you to provide this service. If you don't want to, feel free to take your toys and go home.
Rant over.


  1. adds his list of items to be read in D's voice:
    •removing people form the pool after they get a disease that the pool paid for
    •telling my mother that Skippy the Wonder Surgeon is good enough for her because she's poor
    •you had leukemia as a child - you're uninsurable
    •you can't get a lifetime of anti-rejection drugs but can get a new kidney every 7 years

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