Laura Marling – A Creature I Don't Know

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
A Creature I Don't Know, Laura Marling, September 12 2011
This weeks New Music Tuesday has been out since last September. To be honest, I knew little of Laura Marling, except for her duet on “The Water” from Johnny Flynn's last album, so I am little late to the party as I am with this review. The highly praised singer's latest effort is nothing if not compelling. Ms. Marling plaintive voice and new folk/jazz infused stylings find a way to get under your skin and into your ears.

At twenty one, she expresses a dark world weariness that covers the music in an assured way colored in layers of gray. Reminiscent of Joni Mitchell's middle period work, Laura meanders her way through a collection of stand out songs. “Don't Ask Me Why” is a great example of the Laura Marling's lyrical and singing ability. Feeling like a conversation late at night on the meaning of life and love with the singer;
Those of us who are lost and low
We know how you feel
We know it's not right but it's real
But it's real. - Don't Ask Me Why
In “A Creature I Don't Know” we hear a women struggling to find her way in a world of expectations, as heard here in the song "Salinas";
O cover me up, I'm pale as night
With a mind so dark and skin so white
Is this the devil having fun?
I'd tip my cap to the raging sun
All in all, this is a album of meditations on the struggle for growth and against societal convention. Laura let's all her demons and devils speak as well as her better angels, giving her fans a beautiful and open look at her soul.   

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