Pick Six Plus New Year's Eve Movies

Wednesday, December 28, 2011
While most of these movies are not about New Years at all, they all speak to one of the basic New Years hopes: which is spending that night/day (and the following year) with “the one”.

The reason so many movies and shows are based around love stories is because it is one of the central themes of our lives. I give you, for your New Year watching pleasure, my pick six plus best movies to watch on New Year’s, in a countdown:

8   8.       Lord of the Rings Trilogy- If you have nine hours to spare, this is a great holiday movie event! The story is compelling from beginning to end- and tells the story of friendship-companionship-determination-hope-sacrifice and love. At the core are several love stories: Arwyn and her Prince, Gandalf for his Hobbits, Good against Evil and the sacrifice of friendship. There is even a cautionary tale about loving the wrong things thrown in for good measure.

1   7. Titanic-“I’ll never let go, Jack”. A story of timeless, unexpected love-reminding us that love really can be forever, and that you can go on and live the life you were meant to, even if you can only hold your love in your heart.

  6.  Love Story- Schmaltzy and predictable, there is still something appealing about this movie, and it is, if nothing else, an homage to 70’s films.  It also reminds us that Ryan O’Neil really was once charming.

1     5. Doctor Zhivago – If you get sit through all the extraneous stuff in this movie it is, at its core, a blazing love story of Lara and her Doctor. Traipsing through the Russian revolution the one thing that heats up the frigid winter castle they retreat to is their blazing love for one another.

6   4.  While You Were Sleeping –My guilty pleasure movie, I just love this film! It’s an unlikely romance, but the chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman is irresistible, and the odd assortment of family reminds me so much of my own sometimes. Doesn’t everyone deserve to ride off into the sunset with their love?

4   3.   High Fidelity-A grown up love story for sure. Complacency, discomfort, uncertainty. In the end these two lovers realize that it’s all the moments in between the highs and lows that matter.

3   2. Princess Bride – A story of true love and all it entails: a kidnapping, a giant, a man on a mission, a princess and her unlikely prince.  No matter how many times I’ve seen this movie I still love the one liners and the quirkiness of it.

2   1.   When Harry Met Sally – This movie is at the top of the list and always will be. It is a movie my husband of almost 30 years and I watch every New Years Eve. We love the story because in many ways it seems to match our own. For anyone still searching for “the one”, try looking at your friends. Sometimes the love of your life has been right there all along.


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