New Music Tuesday-Carole King's "A Holiday Carole"

Tuesday, December 06, 2011
A Christmas Carole - Carole King

I have loved Carole King since I was a teenager and first
heard her sing “Tapestry”. I was so fortunate to finally be able to see her last year when she was touring with James Taylor. They both sounded just as wonderful as they did 30+ years ago. I was so excited when I saw that Carole King had released her first collection of Christmas music.

“A Holiday Carole” is a lovely blend of traditional
favorites, a few non-traditional songs and a couple of new songs flavored in between. From the first opening of “My Favorite Things” you know you are listening to a Carole King song, with the beautiful piano and guitar blending we are used to hearing from her. Even the traditional songs are arranged in new ways (the songs were arranged and produced by her daughter Louise Goffin, who co-wrote the newer offerings).

Immediate favorites were “Everyday will be like a Holiday”, “Have
Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and “This Christmas” though I also liked the
upbeat “Christmas Paradise”. I enjoyed the very traditional “Chanukah Prayer” that
combines clear voices with horn arrangements in a really cleansing way. The cd
ends with a lovely new song “New Year’s Day”, that is already a classic I’ll
enjoy listening to over and over. The songs are holiday inspired but I know I’ll
listen to this even when it isn’t December.

I initially thought I’d be disappointed that none of the songs were written by King, but the only real disappointment in the entire cd was that it was over too soon. I would highly recommend you add this to your cd collection.


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