Friday Pix Six (Plus Some): MfaMLG 2011 Playlist

Friday, December 09, 2011
Well, dear readers, the year is almost through, save for some Christmas tunes. Music for a Mid-Life Geek has done a total of 14 New Music Tuesday reviews this year, which means 14 albums bought, heard, digested, and reflected upon. So, connecting New Music Tuesday to Friday Pick Six, I thought I'd offer you my 2011 playlist, based off of those 14 reviews from 2011. Also, I invite Diane and Madpoet to add a song or two to this playlist, since they reviewed many of these albums as well. So, here I present to you my Pick Six, plus some, playlist:

1: Don't You Remember, from 21 by Adele
2: These Days, from Wasting Light by Foo Fighters
3: Euphoria, Take My Hand, from Euphoric Heartbreak by Glasvegas
4: Miss America, from Wild Blessed Freedom by Carolina Liar
5: Shell Games, from The People's Key by Bright Eyes
6: Helplessness Blues, from Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes
7: You Are a Tourist, from Codes and Keys by Death Cab for Cutie
8: One Foot Out the Door, from Michigan Left by the Arkells

Madpoet_one: It's been a good year for music. I have found music from the obscure to mainstream that has tickled my fancy. I agree with everything on El Kaiser's list, but, with obscure in mind, I suppose I would add;
9: Denver to Portland, Moon To Stars, from Oma Minor by Robin Walker
10: Morning, from Judgement by Not Otherwise Specified
In the area of less obscure, I would add;
11: Mustache Man (Wasted), from Showroom of Compassion by Cake
12: Barnacled Warship, from Been Listening by Johnny Flynn

Diane: I’m going easy this time around with some wonderful Foo Fighters from Wasting Light:
13: “Rope”: The lyrics seem to be pretty thin but the melody is so catchy you’ll find yourself making up your own lyrics after awhile and just enjoying the idea of being really ticked off at all those times in your life you thought you were holding on to something tightly only to find it all coming apart anyway.
14: “Back and Forth”: I love this song…to me it seems like a song to someone who has really stopped fighting….stopped trying to make anything positive any more. I love the line “How’d the simple life get so complicated?” I also love the line about “now show a little backbone why don’t you?” Don’t you just know people in your past you wished you could say this song to? “Deer in the headlights, spoke in the wheel, You want pretend, I need for real.” Love it.

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