Blog In Review - 6 Great Posts From The Last Year

Friday, December 30, 2011
Since I did the Pick Six a day early, I thought I would share my six favorite blog posts from the last year. I excluded my self from the list, so this list is made up of posts from Diane & El Kaiser Guapo.

1. What Your Cigarette Says About You! (First Post from the New Guy) - I know this is from 2010, but it makes me laugh and it is our most viewed post ever.

2. My list of guys who cannot act- but I love watching them anyway! - Diane's very funny post about good looking but poorly skilled actors is another one that makes me laugh. Any post with this line about Ryan Reynolds deserves to be on our list;
And I loved him in Definitely, Maybe, where Abigail Breslin acted circles around him at the age of 12. Did you know he’s acted in almost 40 films? Can you name 5 of them? Point made. 
3.  My Cat's True Agenda - This post from El Kaiser makes the list because it never fails to make Diane and her Mother crack up laughing. It is also a fairly accurate representation of how our cat spends her day.

4. Christmas Morning - Diane's lovely little story about our Christmas mornings when the boys were little is very heartwarming.

5. In Honor of my Last Day of College - El Kaiser's post from his last day in college contains the best paragraph ever written on this blog;
On that note, you math, science, and business guys may have jobs to look forward to with your degrees, but I'm sure someday my ability to quote Shakespearean sonnets will totally get me laid. "Let not my love be called idolatry/Nor my beloved as an idol show/Since all alike my songs and praises be/To one, of one, still such and ever so", bitches!
6. Wednesday Flashback-Damn the Torpedoes - Diane's first Wednesday Flashback is on here because it reminds me of why I fell in love with her in the first place. No, not the Madness album or the sandwich in her dresser. It was her willingness to try new things and join me on this adventure called life.

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