There's gonna be a revolution

Wednesday, November 02, 2011
No coherent message is the frequent claim I hear when it comes to the Occupy movement from my less informed peers. I usually reply with the simple chant, “The Banks got bailed out, we got sold out”, but that is a simplistic view of what is going on. It's not about money. It's about representation.The financial industry has it and the people don't.

In fact all industries are better represented than the people are these days. I remember an argument I had with someone about rampant corporatism in American politics some years ago. The discussion was on the good (or ills) of privatization and I finally blurted out, “Privatization in America is done on the behalf of industry, not the people”. This comment didn't end the argument, but for me, it was an epiphany.

It was then that I began to be aware of and concerned with corporate influence in politics. Every industry had their own set of vested interests in lobbying politicians to increase their profits. It has been done both directly through lobbyists and indirectly through even shadier astroturfing organizations. The rise of corporate dominance became complete when the financial institutions of the world faced economic ruin from their own hubris and were, in essence, rewarded by being bailed out.

I didn't have a problem with the bailout at the time, but, the financial industry continued it's pro-profit, anti-consumer behavior as if they had done nothing wrong.Worse still, the same people who caused the worst crisis since the Great Depression, seemed to think that they, somehow, were smarter than everyone else, because they were still making money. They even taunted Occupy Chicago protesters with this bit of thinking.

There is much to be outraged with these days. Whether it is a lack of jobs, the shackles of the student college loan system or the fact that the rich and corporations are getting richer while taking an ever bigger piece of the pie that is the American dream.

Ultimately, the issue at hand is whether or not we have a representative government anymore. The hope that we or our children can live a better life than our forebears is at stake. I can't think of a better reason to have a revolution.


  1. Fears there will be no revolution.
    We all stood by in 2000 when the Rs disenfranchised Florida voters.
    Where was the outrage?
    No Flag, No Foul.

    Why did the US invade Iraq?
    The Rs insisted there were weapons of mass destruction and
    evidence that that Al Qadea is working with Iraq.
    There weren't any.
    In no universe would a totalitarian dictator hand WMDs over to terrorist.
    Mass destruction refers to the conversion of mass to energy via E=mc².

    Why won't there be a revolution?
    We can't be bothered to remember what was said last week and hold our leaders accountable.

    PS There is evidence that after creating the ready to fail mortgage back securities, those in the know, shorted said securities.


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