Some Girls - The Rolling Stones

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

She was a senior. She sat next to me every morning during ceramics class and she had no idea I existed. Such is the life of a fifteen year old with a crush on an eighteen year old. I think my friend Keith knew her, but Keith was way cooler than me. He had impeccable taste in music and visited England once a year where he purchased EP's and LP's of bands we had never heard of in out little corner of the great Pacific Northwest.

One day the object of my adolescent desire was singing “Beast Of Burden” and talking to her friend about how cool the Stones were. Since I had decided she was the arbiter of good taste, I ran out and bought “Some Girls” right away. I didn't really have any knowledge of The Rolling Stones, since my older sisters mostly listened to Motown.

From that funky bass line in “Miss You”, The Stones caught my ear almost instantly. The whole album opened a lyrical world of late nights and seedy dive bars with new wave swagger thrown in. It was something that I had never encountered before. “Some Girls” positively reeks of stale cigarette smoke, whisky and cheap perfume. Raunchy, raw and altogether mesmerizing to a fifteen year old trying to find his musical taste.

As for the cool girl in my morning ceramics class, she was right. The Stones were cool. Sure, she may have been dating Reedies that influenced her own musical discovery, but she helped me find another piece of the pop music puzzle that would become my life. She was way out of my league, in her high heels and leather jacket, but I still got something out of sitting next to her in ceramics class every morning.

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