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Saturday, November 12, 2011
Note: This is a followup to an article I wrote back in April 2005.

I use Flickr's own desktop uploader almost exclusively on both my Windows and Mac boxes. As for displaying them, I use Flickr's slideshow share & embed code to display my galleries. Flickr's slideshows can be based on your set's, galleries and tags.
Googles Picasa also offers a desktop tool for Windows and Mac. Your web albums can also be displayed on your website, just like Flickr. I assume the other photo sharing sites offer the same types of tools. Lifehacker has great list of photo hosting sites here. There are also a wealth of tools to display images hosted on your site. This article covers quite a few in detail.

Gallery is still a great web application for hosting images & galleries on your own website. It requires you to be running a web server with PHP and MySQL running for installation, but it is a full featured system with lots of add-on tools for uploading and managing your images.

Visual Light Box is a nice application to generate thumbnails and pages to display your images. Another very similar application is called jAlbum. Both of these tools are available on both Windows and Mac computers. They will create all the code and pages you need. You simply upload the output to your website and you have great galleries.

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