Friday Pick Six: My musical soundtrack

Friday, November 11, 2011

When I was writing about Rush and how influential their records were it made me think about music throughout my life. There are songs that are like soundtracks in my memories, and if I hear them they immediately bring back and time and place to me with clarity, all the way to the emotions of that time. I can listen to Rod Stewart sing “Maggie Mae” and I am back in Junior High, long stringy hair and baby blue corduroy bell bottomed pants. For your consideration, my musical soundtrack , my pick six:
I want you back- Jackson 5 1969
This was the first 45 I remember playing until the label was wearing thin. On my little tiny record player with the yellow plastic holders in the center….I fell in love with Michael Jackson in 1969.
Maggie Mae- Rod Stewart 1971
Junior High. I was tentatively beginning to think seriously about boys and had my first real kiss in Junior High. (That was normal back in the 70’s folks!) My big crush was on a guy named Reece Pressley…doesn’t that name just sound dreamy?...and I can listen to this song and bam! I’m back there in my baby blue corduroy bell bottom pants seeing Reece’s long blond hair flip to the side. Sigh.
Two out of Three Aint Bad –Meatloaf 1978
My first real heartbreak. College. Serious boyfriend. The first time I realized a heart could be actually broken by another person and you could still live afterwards. “I want you, I need you, but there ain’t no way I’m ever gonna love you. Now don’t be sad…two out of three ain’t bad.” Yeah. It is.
Sweet Child of Mine – Guns n Roses 1988
I love, love, love this song. I can listen to it a million times and I can still see ultra cool Axel Rose and his trademark sway. We had two kids, I still felt like I was 19 sometimes…and my world was not always sweet. But listening to this I can recall those sweet moments of 1988 when a little riff played by Slash could transport me away from diapers and bills.
Smells Like Team Spirit- Nirvana 1991
I remember the first time I heard this, and saw the video, and I knew instantly that the music I would be listening to for the next twenty years had just changed course. Kurt with his melancholy and his mumbling…I was still drawn to the sarcasm and the disdain. It summed up all our disappointment in how things had turned out.
American Idiot -Green Day 2005
My mother used to listen to Broadway musical albums when I was a kid. I grew up on “Carousel”, “Oklahoma” and “The Sound of Music.” The first time I heard “American Idiot” I knew the musical had just flashed forward like it was on a bullet train, and then blew everything in its path away.If I'm being honest here, American Idiot was also the first time I heard an album by one of my favorite groups and thought 'I am probably too old to like this'. I still love it.
There are more memories out there - Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are" sung at our wedding (sadly, not by Mr. Joel)...watching our young sons dance around to R.E.M music videos and B.N.L. songs....I'm sure there will be more to come. Oh, and if Reese Pressley is out have NO idea what you missed out on!
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