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Thursday, October 06, 2011
I remember going to an Apple event some years ago and being puzzled about the almost cult like atmosphere that their products engendered. Don't get me wrong, I loved my Mac. I sang it's praises to my DOS brethren, who sneered at my “toy computer”. I just didn't get the undying love that Apple fan's had for Steve Jobs and his company.

For me, my Mac was just another tool. As time went on and Microsoft and Windows engulfed the corporate IT world, I moved on to the Wintel environment, like many professionals. I didn't give Apple much thought. The iMac came out and piqued my interest, but I didn't buy one. OSX came out and made the Mac geek friendly with it's BSD underpinnings, but it still didn't move me.

Then the iPod came out. Sure, other digital music players existed, but the iPod, with it's integration with iTunes, changed everything. I could buy new music digitally, instead of buying a CD and ripping it. It managed my existing music library and more than that, it just worked.

In 2008, I came back to Apple. At work they purchased me a very expensive Mac PRO and I had access to a Macbook AIR. Slowly, I became a convert. I got it. There were things I put up with on a Windows based PC that never happened on a Mac. It just worked.

More than that, Apple products are elegant. Human. Intuitive. A joy to work with. This is really what Steve Jobs gave to the world. He was present at the birth of the personal computer. He helped usher in the graphical user interface, making computers truly personal. He pushed his people to integrate form and function into products that influence every other product in the world. Not just phones, PC's or music players, Apple's products influence industrial design at a fundamental level.

Today, I am an unabashed Apple fanboi. I still have a Windows box, but 99% of my time is spent on my Macbook Pro, because it just works.

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