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Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Since I have been unemployed, besides looking for work, I spend most my days reading blogs written and curated by people much cooler than me. These blogs feature better informed, plugged in, talented writers who have interesting things to write about. It's kind of intimidating for a lowly, low read blogger like myself.

There is, however, an upside to all this. The web has exposed me to ideas, art and politics I would not normally have access to. I live in a very small town in Wyoming with the closest metropolis being Salt Lake City. Not exactly a bastion for alternative art, music or politics. Without the internet, who knows what I would be writing or thinking about. I live in a cultural wasteland.

I have always lived away from the cultural epicenters that have defined my generation. Sure I lived in SoCal in the early 80's, but Orange County can be as much a cultural wasteland as anywhere else. I lived in Riverside, which can be culturally wanting as well, but with more cowboy boots. No, prior to the Internet, my taste was set by what ever was playing on the local AOR station and what I read at the local library.

So to all those bloggers who are cooler than me, thank you. You help me expand my horizons, introduce me to ideas and art that I normally wouldn't have access to.

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