Kiss – Destroyer

Wednesday, October 05, 2011
My brother's first act of musical rebellion was KISS's Destroyer album. In 1976, a thirteen year old couldn't pick a better album to show your disdain for your parents. Especially if you lived in a religiously rigid household where even the MOR Eagles were suspected of playing the “devil's music”.

KISS was particularly singled out. KISS was rumored to stand for “Kings In Satan's Service” and even more damning, one of them dressed as a demon. I think Tucker knew this when he begged our Grandma to buy it for him. Since Grandma was far more permissive than our parents would ever be, she did buy it.

Our grandparents didn't have a turntable, so we would go to our aunt's house to listen to it. She let Tucker turn it up as loud as he wanted and we would stand in the front yard singing “Shout It Out Loud” off key and as loud as we could.

Back then my love of music was still nascent, which is to say, the music I would grow to love hadn't yet touched my twelve year old ears. I had not yet realized how the power of music can be an act of rebellion for a teenager who feels powerless and has very little control over their lot in life. Tucker knew this at some level.


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